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Dit wordt mijn dagboek,waarin mijn creativiteit in de vorm van fotografie, tekenen, schilderen en handgemaakte poppen vertelt over wat mij dagelijks bezighoudt. My thoughts, my creativity, my dreams ..... a little glimpse into my daily life.



Snow Queen

Snow Queen
© Mapi

Don't forget the birds

Don't forget the birds

Lightshow Kijkduin

Lightshow Kijkduin
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dinsdag 6 september 2011

PostHeaderIcon Tranquility

Botomus Umbellatus , Midden-Delfland ,  21-08-2011.

Vreeswijk,  15-08-2011.

Culemborg,  30-08-2011.

Engelenpad (Noord-Brabant),  02-06-2011.

PIANO MUSIC - very calming by Roy Todd
by roytoddmusic

9 reacties:

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Oh how I need TRANQUILITY TODAY! OH MAPI, it is so wonderful to see you my dear. I figured you were away for a time, but HERE YOU ARE...SO KIND TO ME AND CARING!

My first day back was FABULOUS, but I am so tired. I must go EAT, and then FALL ASLEEP ON THE COUCH with Ruben!!!!


Lemons and Blue zei

Wat een schitterende rustgevende foto's!

Marja zei

Your pictures are breath taking They are little pieces of art. Groetjes en tot ziens

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Mapi my dear, I have had a good week. It has been hard to get used to getting up SUPER early in the morning, but I will soon get back into my normal routine!!! THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY! Anita

Martina zei

Very pretty Mapi, these really capture the beautiful feeling, when out i nature, enjoying the green. Have a most lovely weekend!

lheurebleue zei

wat een prachtige, vredige foto's. heerlijk!

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Sweet Mapi,

Oh my dear, it was so nice to go into my blog today on my lunch break to see you had visited me! But I cannot comment from my work computer....I had a long day and NIGHT because it is OPEN HOUSE NIGHT for the parents. I am home now and so glad.....this is going to be a difficult year, having a child who is very defiant. It wears on my mind......Oh, summer vacation was TOO GOOD! I need another one!!!

Thank you for your visiting me dearest vriendin!! Anita

Red Rose Alley zei

I visited your blog today - I saw you on Castles, Crowns, and Cottages. Your photos are lovely, and you really capture the beauty in all of your pictures. I loved the 'smile' saying. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your beautiful pictures, as me and my daughters are also interested in photography. Hope to hear from you, and have a lovely weekend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Anneke zei

de zwanenbloem, de muziek, de majestueuze zwanen:))

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