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Dit wordt mijn dagboek,waarin mijn creativiteit in de vorm van fotografie, tekenen, schilderen en handgemaakte poppen vertelt over wat mij dagelijks bezighoudt. My thoughts, my creativity, my dreams ..... a little glimpse into my daily life.



Snow Queen

Snow Queen
© Mapi

Don't forget the birds

Don't forget the birds

Lightshow Kijkduin

Lightshow Kijkduin
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vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cornflowers

Photo taken 2008,  Landgoed Oostbroek.

The Cornflowers

'While the scentless star

That summer mingles with
the blond corn-stalks,

Spangles with its lapis blue

The furrows that the crops
turn to gold

Before its flowers are lost,

And the fields have felt
the sickles,

Go, go,  young girls,

Pick cornflowers
in the fields !'

                                     Victor Hugo (1802-1885),
                                                  Les orientales, XXXII.

J.J. Grandville, 'Poppy and Cornflower'  in Les Fleurs Animées, 1847.

Grandville portrayed these ladies in costumes personifying
the two most common French wild flowers,
the bluebonnet or bluebottle and the annual corn poppy.

zondag 7 augustus 2011

PostHeaderIcon Sunny Summer Blessings

My little orchid in full bloom .....

This pretty duckling I saw last week .....

Delicious Ice Cream Flavors .....

Glittering Golden Sparkles ....

Painted Flowers .....

A glimpse of the smile of the girl with a pearl earring .....


and a sunbathing Seagull .....

These were a few of my summer blessings .....

(all photos taken by  © Mapi , at  home, Eersel, The Hague )

Joe Hisaishi Live - Summer
(by : Nomyo)

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